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Honda HSS724AATD

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Honda HSS724, HSS928 and HSS1332 dual track drive models offer superior traction through practically any snow or surface condition — from heavy, dense snow to steep inclines and uneven surfaces. These snow fighting machines come standard with icebreaking, heavy-duty, serrated augers. To enhance performance and durability, the auger shaft is bearingsupported and the auger drive is equipped with an easily replaceable offset blower shear bolt. These track drive models are outfitted with a pneumatic, auger height lever that adjusts to varying surface conditions with the press of a thumb. All models have been redesigned with a larger impeller diameter for increased snow removal speed and offer throwing distances that exceed many competitors — from 49' to 56', depending on model. HSS dual track drives come standard with hydrostatic transmission, built-in LED headlight, fingertip steering control levers, 4-direction electric joystick chute control and are available in recoil or automotive-style DC electric start (with recoil back up) versions.

  • 198cc Honda GX OHV engine
  • Track drive, with adjustable auger height
  • Self propelled, hydrostatic drive
  • Electric start (ATD only)
  • Pounds per minute clearing (max): 1,500*
  • Clearing width: 23.8"
  • Clearing height: 21.7"
  • Throw distance (max): 49'*

Track Drive Features HSS724, HSS928 & HSS1332 Series

Dual track drive available on Honda HSS724, HSS928, and HSS1332 models offer even weight distribution and exceptional traction on steep inclines and rough surfaces. Combined with the hand-operated height adjust lever, steering controls, infinitely variable hydrostatic drive in both forward and reverse and a serrated ice-breaking auger, these models handle most difficult clearing conditions. This allows the operator to attack hard packed and frozen conditions, clearing down to pavement, and to cut through hard packed snow without riding up over the snow being removed.

  • Track Drive: Track drive combines pliable, low temperature rubber tracks with a redesigned, interlocking T sure-grip cleat pattern for even weight distribution and exceptional traction across steep inclines and rough clearing surfaces.
  • Auger Height Control: The hand-operated auger height control lever allows the operator to easily and infinitely adjust auger housing height on uneven clearing surfaces or to engage the ice-breaking auger when removing heavy packed snow, right down to the surface.
  • Fingertip Controls: Left and right control levers provide intuitive steering control, or with engine off, pull and hold both levers for neutral, and then easily roll the snow blower.
  • Pneumatic Gas Strut: Honda’s addition of a pneumatic gas strut to the auger height control system gives the user smooth and accurate auger housing adjustment.
  • Variable Auger Height Positions: Previous HS track models offered three position height adjustment. With the redesigned auger height control level and gas strut, HSS models offer the operator infinitely variable positions for complete control of snow and ice removal.


Engine: Honda GX200

Displacement: 196cc

Starting System: Recoil (AT); Electric (DC)/Recoil (ATD)

Fuel capacity: 0.82 gal

Drive Mechanism: Hydrostatic, Infinitely variable

Clutch type: Hydrostatic

Steering System: Steering Clutches

Wheel / Track: Track

Auger Overload Protection: Shear Bolts

Auger Height Adjustment: Thumb Operated Gas Strut with Infinite Adjustment

Stages: 2

Work Light: LED - 12V-6W

Chute Adjustment System: Remote Electric Joystick

Chute Deflector Articulation: Single Articuled

Chute Turning Radius: 198°

Clearing Width: 23.8 in.

Clearing Height: 21.7 in.

Max. Discharge Distance: 49 ft.

Max. Discharge Capacity: 1500 lb./min

Dimensions (L x W x H); 58.5" x 24.8" x 43.5"

Dry Weight: 231 lb. (AT); 243 lb. (ATD)

Residential Warranty: 3 years

Commercial Warranty: 3 years

CA Compliant: Yes