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What Our Clients Are Saying


"I never thought I would ever describe the dealership experience as pleasant, and I've been to many, many dealerships in the past. My experience prepared me to expect the usual bag of tricks the auto- and moto dealerships are famous for - and boy, was I pleasantly disappointed. From the salesperson to the service guys to the paperwork people, every step of the way, there was nothing but competence, transparency, and goodwill. The dealership was the only one that carried the KTM model I was after in NY, it's longish way from home, but I don't want to even consider going anywhere else for the service when the time comes."


Gene Savransky, NY - 5/14/20


"To all,

If you have found your way to this Dealership/Home, you have at your one stop shop for all of your riding needs. Everyone and I mean every single member of the team will make you feel right at home a part of the family. From the first phone call, Nat whom was my first contact at the shop, answered any and all questions i had at that time. Paul was my second contact person and followed up with every request I had and helped me every step of the way with the paperwork concerning my CB1000RA bike request. Carla finished the paperwork process with me concerning the financing and DMV paperwork. and finally Mason, walked me through all of my bike controls, service intervals, gear measurements and set up. By the time we finished all the paperwork and set up all the gear, I felt like all would be well because not only did they make me feel at home but they gave me all of their confidence to boost my own as I rode out in style with my New Baby. I cannot thank them all enough. But at least now, you all now how great of a place Shelbyspowersports is and can help me spread the word about this amazing little treasure in the Boogie Down Bronx. Lets show them how much we care for them caring for us riders by spreading the word about them. Oh, please call ahead during these hard times ( corona virus season) they are taking every necessary precaution to make sure we riders are safe, but equally important, lets keep them safe. Peace, Love and Safe Riding to you all.

sincerely, Juan"


Juan Jerez, Bronx, NY - 4/27/20



"I have been searching for a motorcylce for some time. I visited other motorcycle centers; however, I found that the people at Shelbyspowersports were not only knowledgle but friendly. I have never felt pressure to purchase something that I was not comfortable with and they even helped me find the correct bike for my skill level and height. I have taken purchase of a 2018 KTM Duke 390 and I cannot wait to begin my riding life. Thanks Shelby for all you have done."


Anonymous - 3/13/19



"Motorcycle shopping is seriously challenging, at least for me......researched the bike I wanted to death, dealers compared I ended up at the one place a friend of mine recommended, Shelbys ! My happy dance began the moment I met Mason who not only took off some of the nervous edge I was dancing on but made the entire experience a lasting one...amazing guy super knowledgeable and patient, he explained in detail what needs to be thought of taken care of etc...I sponged it all up, an experienced motorcycle rider himself I was so grateful for his input ....I ended up with the coolest bike that day, as well as riding gear...the entire team at Shelbys is incredible, thanks Casi, Max and GM!"


Anonymous - 8/31/18



"Great place to get your bike serviced the guys there are very knowledgeable, the fat kid with glasses (Mason) knows he's shit and will hook you up with right gear and and give you A rundown of what gear best suits your riding style at reasonable prices. over all had a pleasant experience dealing with them. Shout out to Jeremy cool guy easy to work with can't say enough good things.

only downside is expect to be out you bike for some time"


Elving Santos, Bronx, NY - 4/5/18



"What a great experience I had at this dealership, the whole staff worked together, there was no one trying to out do the other. The whole staff has two things in common, they treat everyone with respect & they all believe in protection gear. I came in looking kind of bummy, cause the other dealerships I went to I went in with my suit & all the sales guys were kissing my you know what. That's because they thought I had money. Here at Shelby's they spoke to me like they wanted to help. They definitely helped me decide which bike suited me well. By the time I left there I had a beautiful bike with great gear protection. I will be coming back for ANY THING I need for riding & maintain my motorcycle."


Michael Burroughs, Bronx, NY - 11/3/16



"I had all my questions answered from each department, they explained to me every charge, there were no hidden charges like other dealerships do. All staff was friendly, the finance lady was very helpful, she knew her stuff. The service manager gave me so much info on my bike, he paid total attention to me even tho customers were trying to interrupt him. I would definitely recommend this dealership to any one that wants an honest dealership, there is no BS with them."


Danny Cruz, Bronx, NY - 11/3/16