2023 Kawasaki KX 112

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2-stroke single with exhaust power valve (KIPS)
6-speed, return shift, with wet multi-disc manual clutch


2023 Kawasaki KX 112



Bridge the gap to full-size bikes with the KX™112 motocross bike. We're pushing the limits with a large 112cc two-stroke engine on this supermini. Prep your aspiring rider to transition to big bikes with a winning combination of proportionate power, lightweight handling and an optimized chassis.




  • TAKE FIRST: Supermini wheels, MX33 Dunlop tires, and disc brakes give the KX™112 enhanced grip and stopping power. Riders can fine tune settings with an adjustable suspension and rely on a sturdy perimeter frame to help them push hard during long motos.
  • STAY GROUNDED: Dunlop MX33 tires offer excellent grip, slide control, bump absorption and durability. Large 19-inch front and 16-inch rear wheels contribute to a taller overall seat height and higher ground clearance (compared to KX™85) that’s well suited for supermini riders.
  • PUSH HARDER: Equipped with a sturdy high-tensile steel perimeter frame designed to harness the engine’s power, the frame offers the advantages of strength and torsional rigidity, allowing riders to push hard on the track.
  • FINE TUNED SUSPENSION: An inverted front fork provides excellent damping and bottoming resistance, allowing riders to attack the track while contributing to ride comfort. An adjustable compression damping gives riders the ability to fine-tune their settings to match track conditions and personal preferences. Uni-Trak® rear suspension is adjustable for compression and rebound damping, as well as spring preload.
  • PETAL DISC BRAKES: Just like the larger KX™ motorcycle models, the KX™112 is equipped with front and rear petal disc brakes. This offers strong and consistent braking performance in a wide range of track conditions.


  • AGGRESSIVE KX™ LOOKS: Factory-inspired styling shows off the race-winning potential while allowing aspiring racers to look just like their Kawasaki heroes as they race to follow in their footsteps.
  • RADIATOR SHROUDS: Boasting both functionality and bold looks, the new radiator shroud design facilitates rider control and movement while embracing an aggressive factory-inspired style.
  • GREEN ALUMITE COATING: The green alumite finish on the fork and shock adjusters add a factory-inspired touch that lets everyone know you're riding green all the way to the finish line.
  • BLACK ALUMITE COATING: Black alumite rims on this supermini motocross racer highlight the sharp factory racer styling.


  • FIT TO WIN: Young riders will experience added confidence with improved ergonomics, a narrow frame profile, and an adjustable ride position designed to accommodate a wide range of rider heights.
  • CUSTOM-FIT: ERGO-FIT® adjustable components like an adjustable handlebar mounting system allows riders to tailor fit their riding style and size by selecting from six different possible handlebar positions.
  • KEEP MOVING: The KX™112 boasts minimalist bodywork that contributes to lightweight factory racing looks, while a flat tank and a slim flat seat design help to facilitate rider movement.
  • A PERFECT FIT: From tall to small, the radiator shrouds accommodate a wide range of rider heights, making it easy to find a comfortable fit on the bike.


  • LEVEL UP: Get ready to do big things on this supermini. The KX™112 motorcycle is here to win with agile lightweight handling and a class leading 112cc 2-stroke engine. Perfect for aspiring racers who are ready to take their dreams to the next level.
  • MORE ACCELERATION: The class-leading 112cc two-stroke engine delivers strong low-end torque and peak power, making this bike fast everywhere on the track, especially out of the starting gate and accelerating out of corners.
  • PERFECT PAIRING: The 6-speed transmission complements the engine power while also providing durability.
  • KEEP YOUR COOL: The radiator shroud design directs air to the radiator efficiently, offering increased cooling to maintain peak engine performance.