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4-stroke single, DOHC
5-speed, return shift, with wet multi-disc manual clutch





Giving Kawasaki more Supercross and Motocross championships than any other manufacturer, the KX™ name is synonymous with winning. The KX™250 motorcycle is the championship-proven machine built so you can ‘Be Next'. Be the next champion. Be the next hero. Be the next legend. Be the next trailblazer for an entire generation of greatness. On the KX™250, your time is now.




  • BUILT FOR AGILITY: The KX™250 motorcycle features an evolution of the KX™450 motorcycle's lightweight aluminum perimeter frame and swingarm, race-ready suspension, and powerful brakes.
  • LIGHT & NIMBLE: The lightweight aluminum perimeter frame contributes to the KX™250's quick handling, confidence inspiring stability, and slim ergonomics.
  • SMOOTH RIDE: A high-performance KYB 48mm inverted coil-spring fork handles suspension duties up front while the large diameter inner tubes and large 25mm damping pistons deliver smooth action and firm damping. For 2023, the front and rear suspension settings have been revised contributing to improved cornering -- a more planted feel upon corner entry and improved performance at the exit of the corner for stronger acceleration.
  • TRACTION IS KEY: Dunlop MX33 tires offer increased traction to match the engine’s increased power. Stay grounded with a wider 110/90-19 rear tire that contributes to a greater planted feeling and increased rear wheel traction. An oversized 270mm front disc contributes to strong front brake force and a high level of control and the 240mm diameter rear disc offers performance for controllability and total riding confidence.


  • TAKE THE LEAD: For 2023, thanks to an updated engine, the most powerful KX™250 to date was achieved, increasing performance at all rpm. Complementing the improved power of the 249cc 4-stroke engine is the racer-friendly gearing, revised suspension settings, and tires that offer improved handling when cornering. Together, these updates result in quicker lap times that make the KX™250 motorcycle an even more potent weapon on the racetrack.
  • START STRONG. FINISH STRONG.: Tuned for race-experienced riders, a high rev limit and stronger performance across the entire rev-range translates to quicker lap times and better hole shot performance.
  • PEAK PERFORMANCE: The downdraft-style intake layout, intake valves, and piston deliver increased cylinder-filling efficiency and improved combustion for increased peak performance.
  • POWER. DELIVERED.: In addition to increased performance, a racer-friendly power delivery was achieved by increasing the moment of inertia in the magneto rotor. Riders will also benefit from lighter clutch operation thanks to the clutch pushrod.
  • POWER THROUGH: Advanced ignition timing was developed to complement the engine changes made to the KX™250. Thanks to a 100mm longer exhaust header pipe, riders can enjoy increased low-mid torque.
  • SMOOTH TRANSITION: Based on feedback from Kawasaki’s factory racing efforts, the transmission's first gear was lengthened to make it easier to use in a greater number of situations. Second gear ratio was also fine-tuned to offer a smooth transition from first to third gear. For increased strength, the connecting rod big-end bearing crush height was increased and the main holding circuit relay was revised.


  • THE ERGONOMIC EDGE: An optimized riding position and unhindered rider movement help connect the rider with the performance potential of the bike.
  • FIND YOUR FIT: Class-leading ERGO-FIT® adjustability allows riders to tailor the motorcycle to their body size, riding style, and preference with four-way adjustable handlebar positions and two foot peg positions to choose from. The 5mm wider foot pegs are positioned 3mm rearward, offering excellent grip, and superb feel, and making it easier to weight the pegs.
  • PERFECTED POSITION: A factory-style aluminum Renthal® Fatbar® handlebar with 4-way adjustable mounts comes standard. With grips positioned low and close to the body, riders can shift weight forward more easily to improve front-wheel traction and increase front traction feel, to ride more confidently at the limit.
  • RIDE WITH CONFIDENCE: Slim radiator shrouds are positioned close to the frame to facilitate grip for the rider's legs.
  • TOTAL FREEDOM: The top of the fuel tank features a design that allows a flat progression from the seat to the tank. The result is great freedom of movement when changing riding position. The seat features a slip-resistant top surface and smooth sides for an excellent balance of grip and mobility.


  • SIGNATURE FACTORY STYLING: Sleek bodywork and factory-style graphics exude an aggressive appearance and further reflect the highly-tuned performance of the Kawasaki KX™250 motorcycle.
  • THE KAWASAKI LOOK: Gold finish on the oil cap and generator cover plugs tell a premium story. Black alumite rims mean business. For a distinctive Kawasaki image, the fork and rear shock adjusters feature a high-quality green alumite finish.
  • BREAK THE MOLD: In-mold graphics on the shrouds result in an ultra-smooth surface, greatly extending the life of the race-style graphics.


  • DESIGNED TO WIN: Taking the lead on the track calls for a machine built with the tech to make it happen.
  • SMOOTH & CONSISTENT: The coned disc-spring hydraulic clutch material for the clutch pushrod has been revised from steel to a steel cap and aluminum shaft, resulting in lighter clutch operation. The hydraulic clutch is designed to provide a more consistent feeling through minimal change in clutch play as the clutch heats up during heavy use. Coned-disc springs make for light clutch actuation and a wide clutch engagement range. The KX™250 motorcycle features the same championship-proven hydraulic master cylinder as the KX™450 motorcycle.
  • PRESS & GO: Electric start makes for quick and easy engine starting at the push of a button.
  • SETTING THE STANDARD: Contributing to the race-winning engine characteristics, the digital fuel injection system of the KX™250 features a coupler package that has set the industry standard. Each KX™250 motorcycle comes standard with three different couplers, easily allowing riders to select pre-programmed fuel injection and ignition mapping to suit their riding style or track conditions. The four-pin DFI® couplers select maps that are designed for standard, hard or soft terrain settings. Changing the engine map is as simple as connecting the coupler cap of choice.
  • FINE-TUNE FURTHER: For riders looking to fine-tune their ECU settings, the KX™ FI Calibration Kit (handheld) is offered as a Kawasaki Genuine Accessory (sold separately) and provides access to the fully programmable ECU. Used by the factory race teams, the handheld device eliminates the need for a trackside laptop and gives riders the ability to create custom maps for precise adjustment of fuel and ignition settings. The user-friendly device can store up to seven preset maps and is PC-compatible.
  • START OFF STRONG: The Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM) system of the KX™250 motorcycle is a major advantage and favorite for riders who are focused on getting to the first turn ahead of their competition. The push-button activation retards ignition timing in first and second gear, helping maximize traction on slippery surfaces like concrete starting pads and puts the bike’s potent power to the ground. Once the rider shifts into third gear, normal ignition mapping immediately resumes and full power is restored.