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2023 Honda CB300R ABS - NO PREP FEE!

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Bronx, NY
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Naked Sport
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20ยบ four-stroke, DOHC; four valves per cylinder


2023 Honda CB300R ABS - NO PREP FEE!



Match your style and fill your need for thrills, with this lightweight and responsive machine that’s built to excel in real-world riding conditions. The CB300R offers compact power from a narrow single cylinder engine, inside a frame that prioritizes precise handling, and athletic comfort. There’s also quality-of-life improvements for 2023, like a gear position indicator on the LED instrument panel. It’s the economical choice with premium build quality and features, like standard anti-lock brakes.




  • COMFORTABLE RIDING POSITION: The CB300R’s seat height puts you in an engaged, athletic riding position. You can sit up and see what’s going on around you, and you’re ready to instantly respond to the road—just like your bike.
  • COUNTERBALANCE SHAFT: Because it features a counter balancer, the CB300R engine is a smooth runner. You get the narrow overall width and power advantages of a single along with the smoothness of a multi-cylinder bike.
  • PASSENGER READY: A separate passenger seat, integrated grab rail and passenger foot pegs mean you can take a friend along when you go riding—another example of the CB300R's versatility.
  • TAPERED RUBBER-MOUNTED ALUMINUM HANDLEBAR: The CB300R uses a premium tapered handlebar. The larger diameter of the clamped area gives you a direct connection to the bike and excellent steering feedback.


  • STANDARD ABS: Our Anti-Lock Braking System (standard on the 2023 CB300R) can be a big help in making controlled stops in less-than-ideal conditions, like on wet pavement or other compromised surfaces. It’s a great choice whether you’re using your new bike as a commuter or just riding it for fun, since it helps you stop with added confidence.
  • EFFICIENT DESIGN: The CB300R’s engine is designed with a minimum number of moving parts. Details like low-friction piston rings, high-density core radiator and iridium spark plug help increase fuel efficiency. And the optimized intake layout helps improve initial acceleration.
  • LCD INSTRUMENTS: The CB300R’s lightweight, full-function LCD display adds a premium feel. It’s 60 percent thinner than previous designs, and gives you readouts for engine rpm, speed, and fuel level. New for 2023, a gear-position indicator provides more information at a glance.
  • LED LIGHTING PACKAGE: Another perfect example of classic styling with a modern touch, the CB300R features an all-LED lighting package, yet still sports a timeless round headlight lens. And the LED taillight is super thin for a clean, low-profile look.
  • POWERFUL BRAKES: The CB300R’s radial-mount Nissin front brake caliper provides optimum stopping power.


  • LIGHT, STRONG STEEL CHASSIS: The CB300R strives for a perfect combination of handling, power, and athletic comfort. Great handling starts with a superior chassis, which is why the CB300R uses special frame construction designed to be both light and strong.
  • INVERTED FRONT FORK: The CB300R’s inverted fork offers a smooth ride with compliant damping. The supple spring rate is just right for a bike this size
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINUM WHEELS: Unsprung weight—the tires, wheels, and brakes—are super-important in a sportbike. The CB300R’s lightweight aluminum wheels are a critical part of the bike’s responsive handling. Plus, they look great too.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION: Since it’s over 30 pounds lighter than our previous CB300F generation, the 2023 CB300R’s user-friendly curb weight means this bike handles well and is easier to balance at stoplights or in parking lots
  • PERFECT BALANCE: The CB300R features a balanced front/rear weight bias. That means you’re set up for unmatched sport riding, combining rear-wheel traction, front-end grip, and balanced braking forces.
  • TUNED STEEL SWINGARM: In addition to the CB300R’s chassis, the steel swingarm is designed to provide high longitudinal rigidity and control torsion without being harsh or heavy. This means you get confidence-inspiring feel and feedback, especially while cornering


  • COMPACT ENGINE: The CB300R's compact single-cylinder engine is a jewel with a free-revving, responsive nature. The engine also works extraordinarily well in real-world road-riding conditions, providing plenty of power both around town and out on the highway
  • FINE-TUNED INTAKE AND EXHAUST: The CB300R’s engine uses an intake and exhaust designed to reduce air resistance, contributing to more linear throttle response.
  • UNDERSLUNG EXHAUST: The CB300R underslung exhaust features a dual-chamber design with the outlet on the right side. The high-flow design contributes to an ultra-linear throttle response.


  • CAFE STYLE: Taking its styling cues from our CB1000R, the CB300R offers a fresh, contemporary take on the modern street bike. Plus, the lightweight and upright seating make it a blast to ride.
  • BLACKED-OUT HARDWARE: Check out the blacked-out hardware; subtle touches like these complement the CB300R’s traditional-meets-modern styling.