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2023 Honda CB500F ABS

MSRP:   $6,799.00


Bronx, NY
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Naked Sport
1 Miles
DOHC; four valves per cylinder, parallel-twin four-stroke


2023 Honda CB500F ABS



A generation ago, our Honda 350 twins introduced the world to just how good—and how much fun—a motorcycle could be. And today we’re doing the same thing again with our family of 500cc twins. One of the best examples is our 2023 CB500F. Because of its light weight, affordable price, rider-friendly powerband and narrow profile, it’s a great choice as a first bike. Even better, because of its versatility and midrange horsepower, it’s a bike you can keep enjoying for years without trading up. In terms of style, its streetfighter look never gets old. And while other bikes in its class might scrimp on components, the CB500F is first-class all the way, with a 41mm Showa upside-down SFF-BP fork, dual front brake discs with radial-mount four-piston calipers, and standard anti-lock brakes (ABS). Not too big, not too small, and offering excellent fuel efficiency, the CB500F is a great choice for the way we ride today.




  • STEP SEAT: The CB500F offers a step seat with a low height. Perfect for around-town riding or out in the canyons, it also offers room for a passenger and is specially designed to fit a wide range of riders.
  • PASSENGER HANDHOLDS: Sturdy passenger handholds provide security for your passenger or tie-down points for smaller items.


  • SLIPPER ASSIST CLUTCH: The slipper/assist clutch lets us lighten up the clutch-lever effort by 45 percent, but automatically locks up tight when you release it.
  • DIGITAL INSTRUMENTATION: A modern, easy-to-read LCD screen features digital speedometer, tachometer and more, including a clock, odometer, trip meter, real-time and average fuel consumption meters and illuminated engine diagnostic indicators.
  • LIGHT SWINGARM CONSTRUCTION: The CB500F uses a swingarm that’s over two pounds lighter than the previous design, but is just as strong. It’s one of the reasons the entire Honda 500 family handles so well.
  • DISC BRAKES: The CB500F features large twin front disc brakes so you get strong, predictable stopping power. The front-brake lever is also adjustable for a perfect fit.
  • LED HEADLIGHT: The CB500F’s dual-lens LED headlight gives the front end a cutting-edge look and also projects plenty of light on the road for visibility.
  • SMOOTHER TRANSMISSION: Our engineers profiled the shift dogs in the transmission to help you get smoother shifts every time. You’ll never see these parts, but you’ll feel their effects.


  • ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM (ABS): Standard equipment on every 2023 CB500F, helping you make smoother, more controlled stops under less-than-ideal conditions.
  • UPSIDE-DOWN FORK: The CB500F features an inverted-fork design that makes the front end much more rigid, for more precise steering input and feedback. The fork itself is a Showa Separate Function Fork--Big Piston (SFF-BP) design—one of the best in its class.
  • CAST WHEELS: Strong and stylish, the CB500F’s aluminum wheels feature a five-spoke design. The light wheels improve handling and lessen wheel inertia too.
  • PRO-LINK® REAR SUSPENSION: The CB500F features special shock settings for improved ride comfort. Its sophisticated chassis uses Honda Pro-Link® rear suspension to increase riding comfort and handling.
  • STEEL-TUBE FRAME: A motorcycle’s frame is the basis for its handling. The CB500F’s diamond-shaped 35mm steel-tube mainframe connects to the engine with four mounts, offering a rock-solid foundation for a superior ride and handling.


  • DOHC TWIN-CYLINDER ENGINE: Honda twins are famous for their versatility, and the CB500F’s engine is one of our best ever. With plenty of low-end horsepower and torque, this parallel-twin offers accessible performance across a wide RPM range.
  • PROGRAMMED FUEL INJECTION (PGM-FI): The injectors on the CB500F are part of the reason the bike makes more power in the critical 3000-7000 RPM range. The bike’s PGM-FI continuously monitors several variables to ensure the correct fuel mixture is delivered for the existing riding and atmospheric conditions for crisp throttle response throughout a wide variety of riding conditions.


  • UNIQUE STYLE: Less is more when it comes to the CB500F. With its lean, progressive style, the CB500F is a motorcycle that looks great while still providing incredible value and performance.
  • COMPACT EXHAUST: The CB500F’s exhaust system features a twin-outlet muffler and large-diameter pipes, for better power and an exhaust note you’ll love every time you ride.