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2023 Honda XR 150L

MSRP:   $2,971.00


Bronx, NY
In Stock
Adventure On-Off Road
1 Miles
Four-stroke, OHC; four valves per cylinder


2023 Honda XR 150L


ELECTRIC STARTER: The XR150L’s electric starter makes it easier to get underway on a cold morning, or restarting off road.


SEALED BATTERY: No maintenance hassles here, even in the case of an off-road tip over. The sealed battery has plenty of cranking power for the electric starter, and is well protected from the vibrations of off-road riding.
XR650L-INSPIRED GRAPHICS AND STYLING: Our XR650L is a legend in the dual-sport world, and in terms of style the XR150L is just about its twin, especially the white version. Check out the black seat, exhaust, handlebar, controls, frame and graphics.


LONG-TRAVEL FRONT SUSPENSION: The bike’s fork strikes a great balance, with enough suspension travel to absorb the bumps and rocks of a dirt road or trail, but not so much that the seat height becomes excessive. On pavement, you get a plush, smooth ride.
17-INCH REAR WHEEL : The 17-inch rear wheel gives you a better overall ride and more sidewall protection against flats than a bike with smaller wheels, and still offers a wide choice of on- or off-road tires.
19-INCH FRONT WHEEL: The 19-inch front wheel rolls better over uneven surfaces than a smaller wheel, and still gives you a wide choice of tire selection for different riding conditions.
PRO-LINK® REAR SUSPENSION: Honda Pro-Link® rear suspension system offers compliant and comfortable ride quality with a high level of wheel control. Initial rates are soft for supple action over small bumps and ripples, while increasingly stiffer rates resist bottoming and maintain rear-wheel control over rougher surfaces.
STEEL FRAME: The XR150L’s steel frame is designed to handle the intensity of off-road travel. With bikes like our legendary XR600R, it was tough enough to win Baja—on a bike like this, it’s just what you want.


FOUR-STROKE ENGINE: The XR150L uses a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine that offers legendary XR toughness and reliability along with excellent fuel efficiency and a wide powerband.
FRONT DISC BRAKE: The front disc brake on the XR150L provides excellent stopping power. The disc rotor is drilled for lightness and better wet-weather performance.


STANDARD REAR CARRIER: Want to pick up a bundle of firewood at the camp store, or bring along a gym bag with lunch or some extra clothes? The XR150L comes with a tubular-steel rear carrier as standard equipment, giving you a great platform to secure a small load.
READY FOR THE STREET: The XR150L is fully equipped for the street—including turn signals, license-plate light, mirrors, speedometer and more. There are even folding footpegs for a passenger.