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2024 Honda ADV160

MSRP:   $4,499.00


Bronx, NY
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1 Miles
SOHC; two valves per cylinder, 80ยบ four-stroke
Automatic V-Matic belt drive


2024 Honda ADV160


There’s big news when it comes to the world’s most adventure-oriented scooter—because we’ve given our ADV160 a bigger engine for 2024. More displacement, four valves per cylinder, and our new eSP+ engine configuration (shared with our PCX) mean great fuel economy and plenty of power. But the best parts never change: you still get a steel “underbone” frame that makes the ADV160 a lot tougher than some of the other scooters out there, and the generous underseat storage lets you carry along your expedition supplies—or your weekly groceries. A two-position windscreen, Honda SMART Key, and automatic transmission round out the package and make the ADV160 the SUV of the scooter world. It’s a great choice for adventures big and small!




  • TWO-POSITION WINDSCREEN: The ADV160 features an innovative two-position windscreen that's perfect for changing riding conditions. Lower it for more breeze, or raise it for improved wind and weather protection. It’s easy to adjust, with no tools required.
  • LOW CENTER OF GRAVITY: Because the engine, drivetrain and fuel tank are mounted low in the frame, the ADV160 has a low center of gravity. That helps inspire confidence, especially in parking lots or tight traffic conditions.
  • RIDER COMFORT: The ADV160’s long, plush seat is designed for comfort. The two-tone look also features two textures. Your passenger even gets an elevated section, so they can see their surroundings better. Plus, the ADV160’s bodywork narrows down where you sit, giving you more room.


  • AMPLE STORAGE: Your ADV160 has tons of available storage. First, flip open the seat and there’s a weather-resistant 27-liter main compartment that locks securely. It’s big enough for a full-face helmet and lots more. Then there’s a convenient 2-liter compartment up front with a 12-volt charging port—perfect for your phone or other quick-access needs.
  • EASY TO PARK: Scooters can find parking way more easily than cars, but the ADV160 makes it even easier. You get the choice of both a sidestand and a centerstand. That makes it easy to park for a fast dash into a store (the sidestand) or when you need to park it upright in a tighter space (the centerstand).
  • HONDA SMART KEY: Forget about fumbling for an old-school key—with our Honda SMART Key, starting the ADV160 is as easy as pushing a button or two—no conventional key is needed. Best of all, you can just leave it in your pocket. Plus, the ADV160’s fuel-injected engine fires right up and runs smooth, even in colder weather.
  • RUGGED, MUSCULAR STYLE: With its tough, muscular looks, the ADV160 is built for the way we ride today. Plus, check out the all-LED lighting package, including the turn signals and instrumentation.
  • FUEL CAPACITY: Like all Honda scooters, the ADV160 is incredibly fuel efficient—plus, its large fuel tank means you can go even longer and ride even further between fill-ups.


  • RUGGED SUSPENSION, PREMIUM SHOCKS: The ADV160 features Showa® telescopic front suspension with the most travel in its class. In the rear, a pair of premium Showa shocks feature remote piggyback reservoirs and triple-rate springs.
  • PGM FUEL INJECTION: The ADV160 features liquid cooling and Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) for great performance in all traffic conditions and easy starting, even in cold weather. Plus the ADV160 offers impressive fuel efficiency.


  • ANTI-LOCK BRAKES (ABS): Sometimes adventure means not knowing what’s around the next corner. Don’t worry; the ADV160 has your back. Every ADV160 features our Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) for the front wheel, giving you the power to make confident stops, even in less-than-ideal conditions.
  • 12-VOLT ACCESSORY ADAPTOR: The ADV160’s integrated 12-volt adaptor makes it easy to keep your personal electronics charged up when you’re on the go. It’s located inside the two-liter storage compartment up front on the left side.
  • FRAME: Great handling and rugged construction starts with a solid chassis design, and that’s where the ADV160 really shines. It uses a duplex-cradle steel-tube design, rather than the more common “underbone” style. You may never see it, but you’ll feel the benefits every time you ride.
  • V-MATIC TRANSMISSION: With the Honda V-Matic automatic transmission, just start the engine, twist the throttle and go. That means no shifting, ever—you concentrate on the road ahead and enjoy the ride! The V-Matic is a continuously variable design, so you'll always have smooth power delivery.