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2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R ABS

MSRP:   $12,399.00


Bronx, NY
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Super Sport
1 Miles
4-stroke, In-Line Four, DOHC, 16-valve
6-speed, return shift


2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R ABS



Experience Supersport Obsession with the new Ninja® ZX™-6R motorcycle. Push all boundaries with unrivaled performance that prioritizes control during high-performance sport riding. To us, the ability to inspire full confidence and clarity when needed most is the highest exhilaration.



  • HIGH-TECH SUPERSPORT: Race-DNA and advanced technology is what the Ninja® family of motorcycles is known for. Because of this, it comes as no surprise that the Ninja® ZX™-6R supersport features the advanced technology and performance you expect from a Ninja.
  • INTEGRATED RIDING MODES: The Ninja® ZX™-6R supersport features four integrated riding modes (Sport, Road, Rain, or Manual) that allow the rider to select the level of traction control and power to suit the current riding conditions.
  • TFT COLOR INSTRUMENTATION: The new 4.3" all-digital TFT color instrumentation with smartphone connectivity gives the rider all the important information at a glance but also the convenience and safety of a hands-free smartphone connection.
  • KAWASAKI TRACTION CONTROL (KTRC): The Ninja® ZX™-6R supersport features Kawasaki TRaction Control (KTRC), which provides three modes for a wide range of riding conditions. These modes range from an enhanced sport riding experience to peace of mind when in low-traction conditions.
  • POWER MODE SELECTION: The Ninja® ZX™-6R supersport allows riders to choose from Full Power or Low Power mode to suit the riding situation.


  • PRECISION PERFECTED: The Ninja® ZX™-6R motorcycle gets ahead of sharp turns with optimized engine performance across the entire rpm range, class-leading components, and advanced rider support technology.
  • SUPERIOR BRAKING PERFORMANCE: Highly rigid, radial-mount monobloc calipers deliver a firm feel at the lever for superb control. New, large 310mm round disc brakes and a radial-pump front brake master cylinder complete the front brake package, ensuring powerful braking with excellent feel. A new 220mm round disc brake and lightweight caliper slows the rear wheel. Kawasaki Intelligent anti-lock Brake System (KIBS) is optional.
  • GRIP & CONQUER: With Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires, experience greater confidence, lighter handling and, ultimately, more thrills when you take command of sharp turns with superior grip in a variety of conditions.
  • CONFORM TO THE ROAD: Fully adjustable Uni-Trak® rear suspension with progressive damping helps maintain rear wheel traction while putting power to the ground. This leads to confident braking and predictable handling both on and off the track.


  • FLEX ON THE STREET & TRACK: Powered by a potent 636cc engine and advanced performance technology, the Ninja® ZX™-6R supersport delivers legendary Ninja® power on and off the track.
  • THE 636 ADVANTAGE: The advantage offered by the Ninja® ZX™-6R supersport's 37cc greater engine displacement is significant for real-world riding exhilaration. Greater performance across the rpm range is welcome when sport riding, both on canyon roads and on the racetrack. But stronger low and mid-range torque compared to “ordinary” mid-size supersport models also offers increased usability in everyday street-riding situations.
  • KEEP THE MOMENTUM: A high-quality Assist & Slipper clutch reduces back-torque when excessive engine braking occurs to help maintain a high speed through turns in order to enter the next straight-away with optimal momentum.
  • KAWASAKI QUICK SHIFTER: This highly reliable contactless-type quick shifter enables ultra-quick upshifts at full power for seamless, maximum acceleration on or off the track. When the shift lever has been activated, the system sends a signal to the ECU to momentarily cut ignition so that the next gear can be engaged for clutchless shifting.


  • BEAUTIFULLY AGGRESSIVE: The Ninja® ZX™-6R features all-new smooth-flowing supersport styling with 3D interwoven bodywork.
  • DISRUPTIVE DESIGN: New front and side cowls, new sporty windscreen, and all-LED lighting create the recognizable Ninja® look.
  • LIGHT UP THE RIDE: New hybrid projector/reflector headlights, featuring mono-focused LED technology, are supplemented by LED turn signals and deep-set reflectors.
  • CLEAN DESIGN: The new blacked-out engine covers, and muffler body add to the sporty look of the Ninja® ZX™-6R supersport.